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Antigua (pronounced An-tee’ga) and Barbuda are located in the middle of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. To the south are the islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe, and to the north and west are Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Barts, and St. Martin.


Antigua, the largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands, is about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide, encompassing 108 square miles. And on its sister isle, Barbuda, a flat coral island with an area of only 68 square miles. Things are very intimate here. The nation also includes the tiny (0.6 square mile) uninhabited island of Redonda, now a nature preserve. The current population for the nation is approximately 68,000 and its capital is St. John’s on Antigua.


St. John’s, the capital and largest city, is dominated by the white baroque towers of St. John’s Cathedral. Built in 1845, the church is now in its third incarnation following earthquakes in 1683 and in 1745 which destroyed the previous structures. St. John also features several hotels and is a lively hub for shopping and dining. English Harbour is Antigua’s historic district, located on 15 square miles in Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. Developed as a base for the British Navy, the harbor served as the headquarters of the fleet of the Leeward Islands during the turbulent late 18th century.

Other historic attractions include Shirley Heights, an array of gun emplacements and military battlements named for General Shirley, Governor of the Leeward Islands when the area was fortified in the late eighteenth century. The site overlooks the English Harbour. The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda tells the nation’s story from its geological history through the present day. Located in St. John’s, the museum features a variety of noteworthy objects and exhibits, including a life-size replica of an Arawak dwelling and the bat of Viv Richards, one of the greatest cricket players of all time.

What To Do:

Antigua claims to have 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. Water lovers will never run out of options on Antigua. Its cays and inlets attract lots of marine life, making the snorkeling must. But you can also try sailing, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, kite boarding, kayaking, and swimming with the finned residents at the Island’s “Stingray City”. Most convenient to St. John’s are the beaches at Fort James and Deep Bay. Galley Bay attracts surfers in the winter months and joggers during the evening. There are four highly regarded beaches at Hawksbill, one of which is nudist.


Temperatures generally range from the mid-seventies in the winter to the mid-eighties in the summer. Annual rainfall averages only 45 inches, making it the sunniest of the Eastern Caribbean Islands, and the northeast trade winds are nearly constant, flagging only in September. Low humidity year-round.

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